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How are micronutrient bar graphics represented?

Note for version 1.3

Starting at this version, bar graphics for micronutrients are colored based on what percentage of the daily recommended amount is achieved by this food/recipe. There are 5 possible ranges with its corresponding colors:

This way is pretty easy to know how close to recommendations a food or recipe is just seeing the colors of the bars and you don't have to read all the numbers. Those nutrients which recommendation is not yet available keep the dark blue color of previous versions.

Note for version 1.2

Starting in version 1.2, not just the total amount of nutrient is shown, below this value, the percentage this value represents of the daily recommendation.

The way nutritional information for detailed nutrients is shown in has been optimized to allow easy comparation of all the values on the same graphic in an acceptable amount of area. The problem to be solved here is that we can have on the same graph values as high as 30gr. with others as low as micrograms and these two ranges can't be represented in a standard linear way without losing detail in one end or the other.

In the logaritmic-like approach chosen by, the horizontal axis is divided into sections all with a vertical axis of 0-10 but with a different multiplying factor each one, for example one of these sections can group values from 1000 to 9999, another one from 1 to 9 an so on. In the sample graph we see three sections -separated by vertical dotted lines- the first being the 1000 to 9999mg section, second 100-999mg, and last one being 1-9.999mg.

This way, a value of 300mg will have a bar the same height that a value of 3ug because when we convert both values to the 0-10 range, the two values have a 3 base value, the difference between them is the scaling factor, which is 300 for the first value and 0.001 for the second. In case of any doubt, as the numerical values are also shown for every nutrient there should be no problem knowing the exact value of every nutrient.