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healnut v1.3 - April 2010

On this version we have a couple of adds:

healnut v1.2 - February 2010

This version has taken a little bit to be completed bu it has several interesting novelties:

Next things to be added, althoug I'll take some rest now, will be the capability to get a pdf version of any food item or recipe nutritional information and a couple more things I have on mind.

In the versión 1.0 acknowledgements I completelly forgot to cite, an free online dictionary I have always open when I'm writing in english. It can translate from english to 16 languages, but I use it mainly for es-en translation. Very useful its forum, where you will find developed explanations for a lot of words and sentences, you can even ask for counsel if you don't find some translation or you have any doubt.

healnut v1.1 - November 2009

Finally the only novelty of this version is the translation to spanish of the while website. User accounts and recipes on December.

healnut v1.0 - October 2009

Version 1.0 is finally released, I'm already working on version 1.1, adding user accounts and basic recipe creation functions. This version is planned to be released in a month or two.

healnut v0.9 - September 2009

It provides a visual interface to the nutritional information contained in the USDA SR19 Nutritional information database. You can found the current release of this database, SR21, following this link to the USDA. There are currently a few more useful things provided by

Version 0.9 is under final development and test, the final release is planned to happen on October 2009.

Things to come...

Next thing to be added will be user accounts, where you will be able to set some preferences like DRIs, global filtering options to view for example just vegetal food items, and other settings to customize search results and the information displayed on nutritional reports. And second thing in the list will be to add recipes to the database and view the nutrients of the whole recipe.

If you want to suggest any function or improvement you can do it in the wishlist (please read the list before to avoid duplication).


This website has been developed using free information and free tools and applications. I will thank all those people who share this information and tools in which they're dedicated a lot of time and energy, to the benefit of us all. Here you can see some of these applications. You can view a lot more following the link to the GNU project.

USDA logo inkscape logo gimp logo LaTeX logo python logo mozilla logo runs and is powered by free software as well. Not a surprise I guess:

floating gnu logo debian logo apache logo mysql logo php logo

I will also thank all the people who contributed to this preject with ideas, criticism, support, etc. In the contributors list you can see some of them.

Finally the developers of this website are just me by now but I plan to open the project to more people in the future. I'm a telecommunication and electronics engineer with a lot of different interests. Nutrition, web design and programming are just some of them. You can see my personal profile following the link.