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This website is a personal project I planned to do for just myself but finally I decided to make it a website for the benefit of the community.

The goal is to build a set of tools to help those people concerned about what they eat. I've tried to make it as easy to understand as possible to allow people with little knowledge about nutrition to use it, while letting advanced users to find it useful too.

In any case, both amateur and professional, declines any responsability on what you eat and how much you eat and expressly recommends you to seek for counsel if you don't have the knowledge to handle the information contained in this website, specially please check how scores are calculated and don't use it in any way until you understand how them work.

Finally, it's also important to notice that nutrient values for food contained in this website, as any other information source, may contain errors and although I try to keep them as exact as possible, in fact I can't assure values are correct. Note also that food composition can vary a lot for the same type of food depending on the region they're cultivated, the time they're harvested etc., so even when values are correct that doesn't mean that every food you eat will contain exactly the nutrients listed here.