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separable lean only boneless Cooked roasted

Pork, cured, ham -- water added, whole, boneless, separable lean only, heated, roasted

NameAmount% DRI
Energy117 kcal0 %
Proteins18 gr.39.1 %
Water72.6 gr.0 %
Carbohydrates1.4 gr.--
Sugars1.6 gr.0 %
Alcohol0 gr.--
Dietary Fibre0 gr. %
Ash3.7 gr.--
Starch0 gr.--
Lipids4.4 gr.--
Energy Distribution34.2
Energy DRI5.14.5
Protein Quality100
Protein DRI39.132.1
Mineral DRI15.1
Vitamin DRI9.4
Lysine1519 mg.
Leucine1441 mg.
Valine910 mg.
Isoleucine812 mg.
Threonine805 mg.
Phenylananine719 mg.
Methionine430 mg.
Tryptophan169 mg.
Glutamate2574 mg.
Aspartate1569 mg.
Arginine1151 mg.
Alanine1059 mg.
Glycine939 mg.
Histidine783 mg.
Proline772 mg.
Serine704 mg.
Tyrosine584 mg.
Cysteine202 mg.
Glucose1.38 gr.
Sucrose0.13 gr.
Fructose0.06 gr.
Galactose0 gr.
Maltose0 gr.
Lactose0 gr.
NameAmount% DRI
Sodium1193 mg.59.65%
Potassium316 mg.6.72%
Phosphorus270 mg.21.6%
Magnesium19 mg.3.8%
Calcium9 mg.0.6%
Zinc1.82 mg.7.28%
Iron0.82 mg.2.73%
Copper0.091 mg.2.28%
Selenium34.2 ug.45.6%
Manganese0.022 mg.0.44%
NameAmount% DRI
Choline (total)74.2 mg.13.49%
Niacin5.797 mg.41.41%
Pantothenic acid0.721 mg.14.42%
Pyridoxine0.394 mg.16.42%
Thiamin0.362 mg.32.91%
Alpha-tocopherol0.2 mg.0.4%
Riboflavin0.183 mg.16.64%
Retinol13 ug.1.86%
Folate, DFE1 ug.0.25%
Folate, food1 ug.0.25%
Folate (total)1 ug.0.25%
Cholecalciferol0.7 ug.0.25%
Ergocarciferol0.7 ug.2.8%
Cyanocobalamin0.4 ug.10%
Vitamin B12, added0 ug.10%
Vitamin E, added0 mg.0%
Phylloquinone0 ug.0%
Ascorbic acid0 mg.0%
Folic Acid0 ug.0%
Betaine4.3 mg.
Hydroxyproline0.12 g.
Tocopherol, gamma0.03 mg.
Tocopherol, beta0.01 mg.
Caroten, beta0 ug.
Caffeine0 mg.
Theobromine0 ug.
Luthein+zeaxanthin0 ug.
Cryptoxanthin, beta0 ug.
Lycopene0 ug.
Tocopherol, delta0 mg.
Caroten, alfa0 ug.
SaturatedPalmitic Acid0.9 gr
Estearic Acid0.45 gr
Miristic Acid51 mg
Heptadecanoic Acid10 mg
Behenic Acid9 mg
Arachidic Acid5 mg
Capric Acid2 mg
Lauric Acid1 mg
Butyric Acid0 mg
Pentadecanoic Acid0 mg
Caprilic Acid0 mg
Caproic Acid0 mg
Total Saturated1.424 gr
MonounsaturatedOleic acid1.83 gr
Oleic Acid1.81 gr
Palmitoleic acid0.12 gr
Eicosanoic Acid28 mg
Oleic acid16 mg
17:1 fatty acid3 mg
Ginkgolic acid0 mg
Erucic acid0 mg
Miristoleic Acid (w5)0 mg
Total monounsaturated1.983 gr
Polyunsaturated18:2 fatty acid0.45 gr
18:2 fatty acid (w6)0.44 gr
20:4 fatty acid51 mg
18:3 fatty acid19 mg
Alphalinoleic acid (w3)19 mg
Eicosadienoic acid (w6)18 mg
18:2 fatty acid10 mg
Clupanodonic acid, DPA (w3)0 mg
20:3 fatty acid0 mg
Eicosapentaenoic acid (w3), EPA0 mg
Gammalinomeic acid (w6)0 mg
18:4 fatty acids, undiferentiated0 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid, DHA (w3)0 mg
Total Omega 319 mg
Total Omega 60.461 gr
Total polyunsaturated0.542 gr