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Juice separable lean only meat only boneless Cooked roasted

Pork, cured, ham with natural juices, spiral slice, meat only, boneless, separable lean only, heated, roasted

NameAmount% DRI
Energy126 kcal0 %
Proteins22.6 gr.49 %
Water69.5 gr.0 %
Carbohydrates0.4 gr.--
Sugars1.1 gr.0 %
Alcohol0 gr.--
Dietary Fibre0 gr. %
Ash3.8 gr.--
Starch0 gr.--
Lipids3.8 gr.--
Energy Distribution23.2
Energy DRI5.54.8
Protein Quality100
Protein DRI4940.3
Mineral DRI15.7
Vitamin DRI11.6
Lysine1906 mg.
Leucine1808 mg.
Valine1142 mg.
Isoleucine1019 mg.
Threonine1009 mg.
Phenylananine903 mg.
Methionine540 mg.
Tryptophan212 mg.
Glutamate3229 mg.
Aspartate1968 mg.
Arginine1444 mg.
Alanine1329 mg.
Glycine1178 mg.
Histidine983 mg.
Proline968 mg.
Serine883 mg.
Tyrosine732 mg.
Cysteine253 mg.
Glucose0.59 gr.
Sucrose0.49 gr.
Maltose0 gr.
Lactose0 gr.
Fructose0 gr.
Galactose0 gr.
NameAmount% DRI
Sodium986 mg.49.3%
Potassium349 mg.7.43%
Phosphorus312 mg.24.96%
Magnesium22 mg.4.4%
Calcium4 mg.0.27%
Zinc1.82 mg.7.28%
Iron0.84 mg.2.8%
Copper0.189 mg.4.73%
Selenium41.8 ug.55.73%
Manganese0.022 mg.0.44%
NameAmount% DRI
Choline (total)86.1 mg.15.65%
Niacin6.72 mg.48%
Pantothenic acid1.05 mg.21%
Thiamin0.468 mg.42.55%
Pyridoxine0.428 mg.17.83%
Riboflavin0.23 mg.20.91%
Alpha-tocopherol0.19 mg.0.38%
Retinol13 ug.1.86%
Folate (total)1 ug.0.25%
Folate, DFE1 ug.0.25%
Folate, food1 ug.0.25%
Cholecalciferol0.8 ug.0.25%
Ergocarciferol0.8 ug.3.2%
Cyanocobalamin0.51 ug.12.75%
Ascorbic acid0 mg.0%
Folic Acid0 ug.0%
Vitamin B12, added0 ug.0%
Vitamin E, added0 mg.0%
Phylloquinone0 ug.0%
Betaine3.7 mg.
Hydroxyproline0.15 g.
Tocopherol, gamma0.03 mg.
Luthein+zeaxanthin0 ug.
Cryptoxanthin, beta0 ug.
Lycopene0 ug.
Tocopherol, delta0 mg.
Caroten, alfa0 ug.
Tocopherol, beta0 mg.
Caroten, beta0 ug.
Caffeine0 mg.
Theobromine0 ug.
SaturatedPalmitic Acid0.3 gr
Estearic Acid0.16 gr
Miristic Acid15 mg
Behenic Acid8 mg
Heptadecanoic Acid4 mg
Arachidic Acid2 mg
Butyric Acid0 mg
Pentadecanoic Acid0 mg
Lauric Acid0 mg
Capric Acid0 mg
Caprilic Acid0 mg
Caproic Acid0 mg
Total Saturated0.493 gr
MonounsaturatedOleic acid0.62 gr
Oleic Acid0.62 gr
Palmitoleic acid43 mg
Eicosanoic Acid9 mg
Oleic acid6 mg
Miristoleic Acid (w5)0 mg
Ginkgolic acid0 mg
17:1 fatty acid0 mg
Erucic acid0 mg
Total monounsaturated0.676 gr
Polyunsaturated18:2 fatty acid0.21 gr
18:2 fatty acid (w6)0.2 gr
20:4 fatty acid65 mg
Trans11 mg
Eicosadienoic acid (w6)6 mg
18:3 fatty acid6 mg
Trans FA, monoenoic6 mg
Alphalinoleic acid (w3)6 mg
18:2 fatty acid5 mg
Trans FA, polyenoic5 mg
Clupanodonic acid, DPA (w3)0 mg
Eicosapentaenoic acid (w3), EPA0 mg
18:4 fatty acids, undiferentiated0 mg
20:3 fatty acid0 mg
Gammalinomeic acid (w6)0 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid, DHA (w3)0 mg
Total Omega 36 mg
Total Omega 60.21 gr
Total polyunsaturated0.286 gr