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Total score

This score shows the average score of the food item or recipe. In previous versions it showed some partial scores but now It only show the total value for active adult woman and man. The total score is obtained averaging the following ones:

  • Fibre DRI score
  • Energy DRI and Energy distribution scores
  • Protein DRI score
  • Carbohydrate DRI score
  • EFA DRI score
  • Mineral DRI score
  • Vitamin DRI score

The Protein Quality Score is not added to the total score because it has not a direct relation with dietary recommendations.

Top ten recipes with highest score in Total score
Traditional Baked Beans73.3
Chutney tradicional55.7
To Make Sausage48.3
Maple-nut red berry granola39.4
Chicken salad with apple36.7
(Hkatenkwan) Peanut Stew35.8
Pork loin with cheese submarine34.5
Lentil Soup33.3
Grilled Tuna Fish with Avocado and Tomato Salsa31.3
Salmon and Shiitake Toast31.2