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Vitamin Score

Like mineral score, the vitamin score shows firstly how the profile of vitamins follow the recommendations, how much vitamins a food has related to its weight (second value) and also related to its energy (third value).

The first value is obtained calculating the percentage of the total DRI of each vitamin and averaging all them.

The second and third values are in relation to the food items with the higer scores in each category, expressed as a percentage to transform both values to the 0-100 range.

Top ten recipes with highest score in Average vitamin daily recommendation intake
To Make Sausage74
Traditional Baked Beans47.7
Orange, spinach & celery juice45.5
Collards, spinach, celery & grapefruit juice40.2
Grilled Tuna Fish with Avocado and Tomato Salsa39.9
Apple, lime, lettuce & spinach juice37.1
Chutney tradicional33.7
Salmon and Shiitake Toast33.3
(Hkatenkwan) Peanut Stew33
Tomato, cucumber, broccoli & spinach juice32.1