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Banana oat and date smooth26.334.580.114.914.
Banana, yogur, cookies & soya milk smoothie25.115.873.816.632.20.010.420.411.193.4
Banana, yogur, cookies & milk smoothie23.311.569.214.730.40.010.420.211.6100.0
Banana & apricot smoothie23.325.391.
Banana, pineapple & coconut milk smoothie with spirulina22.012.692.610.910.
papaya, kiwi, pear & apple smoothie20.439.
Banana, apple, kiwi and grape smoothie20.130.457.410.
banana pear orange & apple smoothie18.230.854.
banana mango & orange smoothie18.021.752.
banana strawberry & apple smoothie16.724.857.
Batido de mango y coco0.